Ces vétérans combattent l’état de stress post traumatique avec l’Art-Thérapie

These Veterans Are Beating PTSD With Art Therapy
18 February 2017
Meet Senior Art Psychotherapist, Jan Lobban who talks us through the art therapy sessions offered to veterans at Combat Stress, Tyrwhitt House…
BuzzFeed visits Tyrwhitt House to find out exactly what art therapy is and how it can change the lives of people physically and mentally scarred by conflict.

Many veterans interviewed described hiding their PTSD under a mask, hoping to keep their trauma inside. Art therapy allows them to take that mask off, visualise what they’re feeling, and, in doing so, begin to process it.
Art Therapist, Jan Lobban explains that …“it’s about self-expression and being able to externalise some things that might not be making sense. People learn about themselves through image-making.”

Lobban’s art studio is filled with pots of paint and boldly coloured papers, with various art projects framed on the wall. Despite this abundance of creativity, it’s not a requirement in her classes to have artistic flair. Lobban says: “The group is so supportive – people don’t feel embarrassed about stick figures”…

Photo credits: Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

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